Collective Energy Therapies - Show Stock Service Provider
Integrated Biomechanics
Collective Energy Therapies is an Ohio based service provider specializing in Non-Invasive & Holistic modalities for the health and well being of your Equine and Show Stock Partners. Companion Animals and Owners are also welcomed. 
Structure, muscular & energetically speaking, it takes all of these for the body to function as a whole.  These are the basics for conducting evaluations and the determining factors for your customized therapy program. 
Massage, acupressure, adjusting, magnetic cold laser & bio-field energy therapies speed the healing process, as well as enhance the performance and attitude of your equine or show stock partner.  

These modalities work well with traditional vet practices but are not intended to replace timely or necessary veterinary care.  
Thanks for stopping by, I’ll look forward to helping you soon!
Out of State travel or haul in services are available -just ask.


Beth Crose, CRMT 
Bellville OH
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