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Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
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Beth first worked on my show calves at a show after I heard from a friend she was there working on cattle getting them feeling and moving at their best. My steer had slipped on slick ground at a show about a month before and I could tell something was off since then. Beth fit me into her schedule and worked on my steer. After about 15 minutes it was clear he was feeling relief and the next day showed better than he ever had. Beth has an amazing way with animals and is a great woman to get to know. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs their animals worked on. I will be using Beth for years to come on my show cattle!
Kendra Gabriel, Orchard View Farm and Show Cattle Stoutsville, Ohio

Beth is the best show stock  therapist I know.  I have seen her work with horses and a few other animals over the years. She is very intuitive and feels where the horse is out of alignment, depleted or needing attention.  The horses respond well to her sensitive therapies, techniques and tools.  She is an expert with horses yet can work comfortably with other animals.  She is a great teacher in the art of healing as well. 
Kim Fortier, Owner, Energy Healing Arts
On September 15th, 2012, a two year old filly left our farm to begin the next chapter in her young life.  That she had made it to this point was against all odds.  Boots, as we named nicknamed her, had been born with contracted tendons in both forelegs and was unable to walk without knuckling over.
In order to nurse she had to stand with her legs stretched out in front, which put tremendous stress on her shoulders and back.  The vet tried tetracyclene shots to "free" the tendons and the farrier showed us how to use PVC casts to support her.
It took many weeks to see continued improvements and this was largely because of Beth's vigilant care and therapy.  She used massage, acupressure, magnetic cold laser and energy therapies to reduce soreness and as a result of her commitment and perseverance, Boots eventually grew to become a strong, athletic horse.
Time will only tell if  Boots is to become a successful race horse, but without Beth's therapies, and daily attention, she would not have come this far!
Edward & Pam Hartley, Devon Hills Farm, Bellville OH
"Anyone who has watched a cutting horse work knows how athletic they are and the extreme stress they place on their muscles and joints. Being a cutting horse trainer, it is important to make sure that all of the show horses, as well as the helping horses, are in top physical condition. 
Beth Crose has been working with horses at JM Cutting Horses, LLC for the past two years. I can really feel a difference after Beth applies her therapy. Her massage work is instrumental in freeing up the horse by relaxing muscles and alleviating soreness and stiffness. This allows the horse to be more fluid in its movement and ultimately more confident.
A cutting horse is expected to work as hard as necessary to control a cow. The work that Beth performs is essential in achieving each horse’s peak performance."
Jack McDonald, JM Cutting Horses LLC
"Beth Crose has been working on our horses for the past year and I have found a tremendous difference in them since that time. As a skilled professional dressage rider, I am able to feel places in each of the horses’ bodies that are not functioning to their full capacity. I am able to tell Beth what I am feeling as a rider and she is able to tell me what the corresponding muscle or skeletal problem is. Beth is also able to tell me exact muscles or areas of concern on each horse she works on and I can relate that directly to the training problems that I am seeing. Beth is always able to make a big difference in each horse’s body that she works on.
Each horse Beth works on can be seen “releasing” as she continues to massage.  I have worked with many massage therapists over the years, but have never encountered one as perceptive, skilled and “feeling” as Beth.  I have had horses that barely wanted to work and after a session with Beth, they are physically and mentally able to perform well once again.  Beth has also always been there to help up out at a show if a serious problem arose or if one of the horses develop a problem at home, even if she had just been there already that week.  I really count on having Beth work on all of our performance horses here at North Crest now.  I don’t know what I would do without her!"
Julie Taylor, Northcrest Equestrian Center
Avon Lake OH  44012
"This spring I had a stud that was a really “hard stopping” horse; and within one week, he quit stopping on me. I gave Beth a shot to evaluate him for any physical issues that may be causing a problem with his stops. She used range of motion methods to determine his amount of flexibility and palpated his entire body to note any areas of restrictions, heat or swellings that could be contributing to his stopping problems. She made recommendations about which therapies she offered would best address his individual situation. After one session with Beth, there was more than a significant improvement with his stops. In 10 days, he was better than ever, and “laying tracks” in his stops."
Larry Rose
"We rely on Beth to help us find areas of tightness, discomfort, imbalance, and restrictions to range of motion. She is sensitive, thorough and sincere, intuitive, and effective in her therapies. She is clear about recommending veterinarian diagnostics or treatment when necessary; and is just as clear about giving directions on what an owner or trainer can do to help their horse reach its potential. The horses and people, here at KKM Stables, always enjoy a "Beth visit". They return happily to better work.  Beth is a key element in our continuing success."
Karen Stephens, KKM Stables, Dressage Training and Instruction
I founded Arabian Rescue Midwest in Galion, Ohio. The horses who come to our rescue often arrive with physical problems and almost always with emotional issues. You cannot have a whole and happy horse unless they have emotional wellness that unlocks the physical. You want a partner, not an employee. We don't adopt out horses until they are well in all aspects, and Beth is pivotal in this.
The energy work she has done with our rescues has been amazing; it opens these horses up and lets them feel again. They are not truly rescued until they are comfortable emotionally and able to communicate and express themselves. The work she has done has brought tears to my eyes, allowing our rescues to be open to love, emotion and expression.
After Beth finishes, the result is astonishing. The myofascial release and the energy work Beth does can give you a completely different horse. Collective Energy Therapies is the most complete equine therapy provider that I have found. Beth is very knowledgeable and has vast experience in all types of issues/problems and all breeds of horses.
Before you chalk up issues you are having with your horse to behaviour problems, please rule out physical & emotional issues first.  At our rescue, we get many horses surrendered to us because they are “untrainable” or “wild”. Nine out of ten times, they have physical or emotional issues and that’s the first thing we check.
Let Beth change or improve your horse’s life today; it’s one of the greatest thing you can do for your best friend.
Holly Simpson, Galion OH
It gives me great pleasure to recommend Beth for any position of Energy Specialist practitioner. She has a natural gift of healing with her hands and related healing aids. She is also very good at giving presentations on energy healing subjects. She is a very good team worker also.
Cliff Stumbaugh, Energy Specialist Practitioner, Mansfield OH

Jesse is a 1988 Impressive bred gelding whom we purchased in March 2001. Exactly one month later, he was found down in his stall, sweating profusely and we were unable to get him up. In turning our mare out, he suddenly lurched to his feet and staggered out of the barn.
We thought that he had had a reaction to vaccines he had received the day before. He could barely walk, and looked like he was walking on eggshells. When standing he would “parked-out” (Not a typical founder stance, but maybe it was founder.)  He also had, at times, severe tremors of the head.
The varied symptoms pointed at a number of ailments, but not one ailment in particular. Possibilities were founder, HYPP, EPM, or even neurological problems.  He did not exhibit enough symptoms of the above listed ailments to point positively to one. So, we started down the path of elimination.
Over the course of the next year, a lot of head scratching went on.  X-rays were performed on the front feet and founder was ruled out.  Then it was down to HYPP or EPM. Hair samples ruled out the HYPP. Then, the what to do about the “costly” treatment of EPM.
Over the course of the year, Jessee got better, but was still for all intents and purposes, un-rideable and obviously in pain.  In September 2002, after speaking with the blacksmith, he suggested an equine chiropractor his father had used on a lame filly and had great results with.  Not being familiar with equine chiropractic, and skeptical, I did the mental rolling of the eyes, loaded up the horse and decided this was a last ditch effort.  Halfway through the adjustment, Jessee started “flapping” his lips, which is a sign of contentment.  He continued to improve to the point where my kids could ride, but still exhibited a persistent limp on his right front.
X-rays ruled out navicular.  Beth suggusted trying the myofascial release therapy and the improvement has been phenomenal.  As we continued with the myofascial release therapy, the knotting of the muscles on Jesses left hip and lameness on the right front decreased at the same rate.
In summary, Jesse’s mental attitude has changed, as in he thinks he’s a three year old instead of 17. His overall condition has gone from atrophied muscles to musculature indicative of Impressive bloodlines.
Libby Tucker, Mansfield OH
Thank you Beth. Shooter has really freed up and is running and playing with all the other horses in the field. I can start his training and recouperation. You make my RESCUE horses new again. No more swollen tendons either.
Teresa Grove Rhodeback, Centerburg OH
I have a 19-year-old Morgan mare-Annie (PHD Anniversary Waltz). She foundered in November 2007 & was diagnosed as being Insulin Resistance (IR) in December 2007. My Vet feels that this condition is what is causing Annie to have bouts of laminitis.
At that time, her rotation was 8 degerees.  The vet recommended the necessary trimming; her rotation was then 3-4 degrees and things were good.  In January she was off again.  The vet said probably an abscess, give her a few weeks.  A few weeks later, no change.  The vet came out to do x-rays and rotation was back to 8 degrees.  She also had developed hoof wall separation at ther left toe.  The vet recommended her heels be dropped 1/2”, pare out the separation and rasp off the bumps that had developed on her hoofs.  We also thought it would be better to take her shoes off.  All this was done on February 9, 2008.  Annie hadn’t been barefoot in 4 years.
After all this work had been done, she was a little tender walking back to her stall, but with the different angels and being barefoot, it made sense at that time.  The next day she was no better.  She stood in one position in her stall.  I took her out of her stall & she refused to walk.  I called the vet Monday & told him, he said give her bute and stall rest for 7 days.  After 7 days, there was no change.  He came to look at her and said she was footsore.
She started laying down all the time (in the 5 ½ yrs that I have had Annie, I have seen her laying down once prior to this) and had no interest in anything.  She wouldn’t even go to her feed tub for her grain.  Friends suggested a massage might make her feel better so we set up an appointment with Beth.
Beth came and said Annie was not a canidiate for massage because we would take away her support system, meaning that her muscles didn’t need to be loosened: Annie needed to be able to support herself first.  Beth suggested energy work instead.  She balanced her energy with the ZEB and did magnetic cold laser therapy on her feet.  Annie enjoyed that so much that she would stick her foot out to Beth.  When Beth was done with the first session, I could see Annie was more comfortable.  Annie was licking & chewing and gave Beth a horse hug. 
Beth suggested I purchase a ZEB & hang it in Annie’s stall.  In less than 24 hours my Annie’s eyes were bright again and she slowly moved to the stall door to hang her head out.  Before Annie’s sessions with Beth, I truly thought that I was going to loose my horse.  She was in a lot of pain; refused to move and was laying down all the time.  Beth showed me how to use the ZEB to balance Annie’s energy, which I did every other day.  Annie would lay under the magnet and she had even pushed her hay under the magnet to eat.
Annie is now willing to come out of her stall.  It was a very slow process but she was willing to walk a few steps at a time.  Prior to having the ZEB, she refused.  She would toss her head up and lean back when I asked her to come out of the stall.  I also go a pair of Soft Ride boots with inserts for laminitic horses.  I would walk Annie outside, take the boots off & let her stand in the snow.  We did this a little each day.  I continued to use the ZEB and balance her energy.
The ZEB has been in Annie’s stall since March 3 & Beth had done 4 energy sessions along with the cold laser.  When the vet came and checked Annie, he commented how much she had improved over a 3 week period.
Lori Reigler, North Olmsted OH
My 8 yr. old quarter horse gelding was green broke and I had sent him to the trainers to be readied for my daughter’s 4-H project. As she was working with him, she noticed a problem with him staying in the canter, especially to the right.

She recommended Beth look at him.  At this point, Jasper was given myofascial release therapy once a week, for 3 weeks. There was a noticeable softening of the muscles. The musculature over the croup showed greater roundness and his ability to maintain his gait was improved.

Jasper seemed to enjoy these sessions and was glad to see Beth coming!
Wendi Higgins, Centerburg OH
Wings is a 13-year-old Paint mare I have had for 3 years. I knew when I got her that she had some structural, particularly hip-pelvis area problems. Not enough to make her unsound, but enough to compromise her way of going in the hind end. Unfortunately I could not locate a practitioner who could manipulate her skeleton and supporting muscles by hand.
Over a period of a month (four sessions) Beth Crose, who has recently completed several courses in structural manipulation, applied Myofascial Release techniques to Wings and got immediate results. The “hunter’s bump” over her hip area began to release and the area of her gluteus softened and rounded. Over the course of the therapy, Wings began to track more under herself in the hind end as opposed to a slight cross over she displayed when she walked. She has also exhibited less “cross” behavior when being brushed in her hind end.
Beth is a very kind and caring individual who love animals and has a great affinity for them.  I think she has a very promising career ahead of her.
Lisa Smith, Centerburg OH
I own a 4 yr. old quarter horse gelding named Joe. He was started in training late his third year and progressed well except for not wanting to flex to the right. He also had difficulty lifting his right shoulder and maintaining bend. I though at first it was simply a “hole” in his training program and lack of experience.
After hearing about Beth and the myofascial release therapy, I had her come out to observe Joe. Beth found several “tight” areas and some edema on Joe’s right side. After the first session, Joe was flexing easier to the right and felt smoother. After three sessions, he was able to lift his shoulder and move into his turns. He also became more round through the hips and his muscling became more balance and smooth looking through out his whole body.
Jennifer Hinkle, Fredericktown OH
Carey is a soon-to-be 24-year-old Azteca mare. She has struggled with “heaves” for the past 5 years of her life. Beth Crose has been applying Reiki to her for approximately the last month and has helped Carey attain some short-term relief during her breathing episodes.
I have experienced the healing properties of Reiki first hand and value the effect that it has had on me. Carey can’t speak, but by the calm expression that comes over her face coupled with the reduced stress in her breathing, I am sure that she is getting relief and having the self-healing powers within her supported and energized.
Lisa Smith, Centerburg OH
Beth Crose, CRMT 
Bellville OH
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